Patient Corner

Remission from depression is possible with NeuroStar

Every day with depression is a struggle. When antidepressant medications aren’t working, it’s hard to know what to turn to next.

Many people with Major Depressive Disorder have turned to NeuroStar Advanced TMS Therapy to take control of their depression. Hear their stories:

Real People, Real Stories.

Many people who suffer from depression have stories like yours


NeuroStar Treatment has changed my life… Its given me life, It’s given me joy, It’s given me opportunity.


Ready to become a NeuroStar?

Your antidepressant medications have only taken you so far, but you want to continue the fight. The time has come for you to talk to a doctor to determine if NeuroStar® Advanced Therapy is right for you. Download this helpful discussion guide to identify and take notes on topics you’d like to learn more about at your first appointment.